The Company

We founded Leotele in 2011, upon the passage of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011. At that time there was a small but growing body of research indicating potentially significant medical uses and health benefits from CBD. With 15 years of collective experience in working with patients, and understanding that the stigma and psychoactive effects associated with THC would limit its reach, we believed low THC legal cannabinoid products had the potential to disrupt the pharmaceuticals industry and help countless patients.

The hemp grown up to that point through human history was bred to produce plants high in fiber and seed, primarily for use in textiles and as food. We knew that if CBD were to fulfill its promise, hemp would need to be bred for more suitable qualities.

With this in mind, we went through a rigorous phenotype-hunting and breeding process, resulting in the first commercially available no male, no seed, high CBD to THC ratio hemp plants. 

We then created the first state-licensed hemp nursery and sold clones of these unique genetics to hemp farmers in Colorado, offering a full money-back guarantee. These first crops were successful and no refunds were requested.

With suitable raw materials now available, Leotele pivoted to manufacturing CBD extract. Having previously pioneered natural, chemical-free plant extraction methods in cannabis, we now began to refine and perfect these techniques and apply our now patented process to hemp. Our goal was to produce the purest, most effective, highest quality CBD and CBG in the world.

Applying our patented extraction processes, we have achieved that goal, and are recognized by the industry as the highest standard in hemp extraction. 

Leotele Botanical Extraction products are the purest & most potent in the world.


Our Founders

Josh Raderman, CEO

Josh has been a leader in cannabis extraction for over 10 years. After working as an innovator in the California cannabis industry beginning in 2004, Josh decided to head to higher ground, moving to Colorado to enjoy the Skiing and Bluegrass scene. Josh has served as an adviser to numerous private and government organizations and has been instrumental in the implementation of safety, efficacy, and standardization protocols for many national and international brands and governments. Since 2009 Josh has been awarded a total of seven U.S. Patents, all in plant extraction technology. Josh currently resides with his family in Denver, Colorado.

Adam Mahon, COO

Adam opened one of the first Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado in 2009. In 2013, recognizing the promise and potential of cannabinoids, Adam transitioned to CBD in order to offer a product that helped as many people as possible, without the intoxicating effects of THC. Having personally witnessed the positive effects CBD can have on suffering and illness, Adam is proud to offer products that increase wellbeing and quality of life to his customers. Adam has lived in Colorado since graduating from Colorado University in 2001. He currently lives in the mountains outside of Boulder, where you can find him chasing native trout in the rivers and streams of the Rocky Mountains.