Our Process is Different

Standard industry methods for hemp cannabinoid extraction are sub-optimal, involving toxic chemical solvents such as ethanol, butane, and CO2. While these methods are efficient and cost-effective, they produce hemp extracts that have low bio-availability and are fundamentally altered from how they occur naturally in the plant.

In contrast, our patented Pure Water™ extraction process never uses toxic chemicals. Our Pure Water™ extracts retain the chemical and molecular integrity of the cannabinoids, essential oils, and natural cannabinoid to terpene ratios, to produce CBD and CBG extracts that are potent, effective, and highly bioavailable.

Our patented Pure Water™ chemical solvent-free method

Using only water, gentle heat, agitation, and pressure, we infuse organic lipids with organic hemp extract; migrating the cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes into the oils exactly as they occur in the plant.


Standard Industry Process

  • Chemical solvents are used to dissolve the hemp plant
  • The resulting slurry is a mixture of poisonous chemical solvents and extracted components of the hemp plant
  • This slurry must then be distilled to separate the toxic chemicals from the cannabinoids.
  • Once distilled, The CBD, CBG, essential oils, and terpenes, which have become chemically and molecularly altered as a result of this process, must then be reconstituted and recombined.

Beyond Organic

Organic doesn’t mean clean. While some other manufacturers also use organic hemp, we go a step beyond that. Most companies test for 30 or so of the most common adulterants, such as lead, cadmium, and aluminum. 3rd party lab tests show that our process removes these as well as 250 other known toxins, aflatoxins, pesticides, isomers, and polymers, well beyond what state and national laws and regulations require. 

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THC Legal Limits

Unlike other methods, at no point in the manufacturing process does the THC concentration of our extract exceed the DEA standard 0.3% legal limit. Other processes concentrate the THC at an average 10 to 1 ratio, creating an extract concentration of 3%, then employ dilution processes to maintain legal standards. Our adherence to federal law ensures product and brand stability. 

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Our production method takes more time, skill, and cost, but ultimately creates a product that is not only exceptionally clean and pure but more bioavailable, potent, and effective than other CBD and hemp extracts. It’s a difference you, and your customers will feel, appreciate, and benefit from.


Say NO to: Anxiety. Insomnia. Pain.
Say YES to: Wellness. Wellbeing. Quality of Life.

Your customers want a product that will make them feel better. CBD products available to the consumer vary wildly in quality and resulting efficacy. Clinical trials show that our CBD products are highly effective at treating anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Results of the eight week trials demonstrate that our Full Spectrum CBD Extract capsules exert significant beneficial effects on patient-reported symptom relief. Below are the key findings of these trials.


Decrease in GAD7

Average decrease in GAD7 scores
after 8 weeks


Decrease in ISI

Average decrease in ISI scores
after 8 weeks


Decrease in PADT

Average decrease in PADT Average Pain scores after 8 weeks


Decrease in PADT Max

Average decrease in PADT Maximum Pain scores after 8 weeks